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Return Of Investment – Dramatically Increase Your Earning Income
Plasma treatment and the technology, training and technique behind it has rapidly become ubiquitous in the beauty world. With the right device, training, best practice, community and global infrastructure then the results are stunning

and it’s an incredibly sought after treatment. Ultimately, Plasma Pen is the treatment and device clients ask for by name and technicians who use our device – and who are expertly trained by Louise Walsh International – experience

dramatic increases in their earning potential, enjoy incredible professional development, rapid ROI and benefit from a huge boost to their own value proposition.

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Beierplasm pen k85

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    Platinum Standard Plasma Pen Training
    With over 1,250 Elite Technicians trained in 2018 alone who delivered over 60,000 treatments with our device during the same period; we offer platinum star levels of accredited training, service and support across the globe. Plasma Pen

    Training Academies and our team of Master Plasmologists are the only places to receive genuine, certified and fully accredited training to become an Elite or Advanced Plasma Technician. We are famed for our unprecedented levels of

    personal support and your plasma journey only begins with your initial purchase. Thereafter, we work closely with you and provide heavyweight support on advanced technique, best practice, marketing and commercialisation.

    Finance Options – Friendly Finance
    Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is dedicated to helping the best become the best. If you are based in the UK and have got what it takes to become an Elite or Advanced Technician then Plasma Pen is able to offer you a number of

    friendly finance options – as well as comprehensive insurance cover, accredited training and access to every pre and post treatment product and treatment delivery enhancers you could wish for. A number of partners of ours around the

    world also offer their own finance/payment solutions, including in the USA and Scandinavia.

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