Beier injector K02 advantage technique

Beier injector K02 working technique

Beier injector K02 is advanture digital control injection system, with vacuum multi needle ( 9pin needle ). During operation vacuum slightly lifting skin so that needle better insert without hurt to skin dermis and fatty cells. Then syringe deliver serum through needle, and release vacuum. Needle pulling out but serum stay under skin do not cause any waste.
Plastic pipe and bottom tilter stop waste dosage dirty come into machine following vacuum. After some time using could clean pipe and filter and repeat use. Do not need to replace a new one disposable as vital injector II

K02 advantage

Beier injector intelligent adjust dosage according to injection depth (between 0-2mm), ccomparing with traditional vital injector machine, beier injector do not need to hold trigger could release doctors' hands.

  1. Effective deliver serum under skin 1-2mm
  2. 9pin needle more effective and time saving on operation
  3. 8ms accurate injection mode ( patent )
  4. do not need to hold trigger could use continuous model
  5. intelligent calculate shooting serum and rest shooting number
  6. without filter consumable
  7. more working speed and vacuum range
  8. intelligent memory mode, client doing one time treatment machine could save same mode for next client or same client use

Beier injector K02


  1. please read the manual before operation
  2. If serum syringe and sterilizing pipe too close, the connection part may disconnect or leakage.
  3. Using aspirator, some dose may insert operation gun, so after each time using should check pressure device about any error.
  4. Machine can’t be standing up or liquid flow into machine handle
  5. Don’t pull the power line, should pulling the charger part.
  6. Auto-sensing / auto-dose/ dose finish injection will have remind voice. If turn on auto-dose/dose mode and using footswitch could only use one time setting dosage. In case over capacity, operator have to stop footswitch after one time injection.
  7. Shooting arrive 50%, machine also provide remind voice. Until injection finish will also have remind.
  8. After machine start, if power disconnect machine have 3 minutes remind voice, at the same time error light keep 5 minutes sparkle
  9. If want to move machine have to disconnect with power.