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2 in 1 quantum skin analyzer equipment

Quantum skin analyzer

Quantum skin analyzer of equipment.
By?taking pictures of 6 facial skins, it?can instantly analyzer accurate data on oil,
moisture, pigment, pores, elasticity, and skin collagen fibers.
And automatically pop up a dialog box to recommend the relevant balanced grease products.
After testing, it can see the test data and changes in results,
enhance the customer’s confidence in the product and purchase intention.
And after all the projects are analyzed will generate a skin test report and print the report.

8 facial test reports:
skin oiliness
skin texture
collagen level

About the quantum?analysis of equipment.
also known as quantum sub-health detectors

Nd:yag pico laser machine

Q-Switch Nd:yag pico laser machine

The picosecond laser is a laser with a pulse width of picosecond.
It has ultra-short pulse width of picosecond,
adjustable repetition frequency and high pulse energy.
It has been widely used in biomedical,
optical parametric oscillation, biomicroscopy and other fields,
and has gradually become a modern biological imaging and analysis system.
An increasingly important tool.
The picosecond laser refers to the picosecond honeycomb laser,
which is what we call laser cleansing!
This uses a 755-wavelength laser with a honeycomb transient lens to focus 70% of the laser energy.
Each laser light provides 10% of the skin’s

Mesogun, Mesogun Suppliers and Manufacturers at beierplasm

Mesogun can help women keep their skin young and never grow old. How did Mesogun do it?
Micro-needle Microdermaroller (micro-needle) is also known as micro-needle mesodermal beauty. The micro-needle is derived from the United States.

Mesogun adopts the latest international micro-needle plastic technology, and the absorption effect of the product is more than 4000 times that of ordinary application.

It using the positioning needle (Mesogun), using the “point-to-point” ultra-micro-infiltration technology, positioning, layering, and quantitatively delivering the active ingredients or liquids directly to the desired skin tissue, a variety of nutrients and active ingredients,

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